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Legislation covered

Assessment of compliance with corporate sourcing policies involving supply chain validation and applicable certification verification.

Services provided

Supply Chain Due Diligence

TRG’s proven due diligence methodology will help you comply by effectively qualifying and mapping the ESG risks in your supply chains.

Services include:

  • Recommended risk assessment protocols compiled by specialists and tailored to your corporate policies.
  • Training for suppliers and claim verification.
  • Documentary evidence checks.

  • Risk ratings – with mitigation recommendations.
  • Monitoring of legislation changes.
  • Annual reassessments to ensure your data is always up to date.

Product Technical File

We provide cost-effective support in compiling and maintaining your Product Technical Files, clearly identifying compliant and non-compliant products along with supplier performance analysis.
Through our web-based platform for you and your suppliers, we provide cost-effective support in compiling and maintaining your Product Technical Files. The PTF service is customisable to your specific product compliance requirements. You can choose to use our full service or licence the software only.

Product Technical File maps the compliance requirements for your products and provides an online portal for suppliers to upload applicable evidence. This is assessed to ensure the correct evidence is provided and kept up to date.

Services include:

  • Product family functionality to enable group assessments
  • Product Technical File assessments by TRG experts
  • Management of document expiry
  • Product pass/fail and supplier performance reports
  • Online reporting of assessment status
  • Secure 3rd party access for auditors and PSI handlers
  • PTF has an additional online Bill of Materials functionality to help with inventory management, cost and quality control.
  • The BOM allows us to collect information on primary packaging and the Bill of Substances which supports our clients with evidence and documentation at component level

We are guided by
legal requirements:

UK Product safety advice

UK Chemicals Regulations

EU Product Safety Regulation

ECHA Reach Guidance


Compliance Library

Our compliance database includes details of over 800 standards covering 580 Product categories and is always expanding in line with our clients needs.
This is a unique library of UK/EU regulations, standards and test requirements, subscribing to just the categories you need.

TRG’s experts, with their many years of compliance experience, have crafted a unique library of UK/EU regulations, standards, and test requirements that serves as the basis of our service.

Services include:

  • Select only the categories you need, without having to purchase the full PTF service.
  • Filter your requirements by applicable compliance levels
  • Legal requirements – Regulations and harmonised standards, representing the minimum legal requirement.
  • Best practice – Recommended requirements mainly safety tests and selected critical performance tests.

  • Market leading – Additional performance tests and more extensive safety tests to deliver higher quality products.
  • The library covers various consumer goods such as electrical products, furniture, toys, nursery and PPE
  • Integrated alerting system which keeps you upto date on any regulation changes

Risk Assessment Software

Benefit your business with industry leading, secure, customisable risk assessment software.
If you’re looking for software, why not opt for a SaaS license to our market-leading TrackVision compliance software?

Our out-of-the-box solution will allow your risk assessors to manage Product Technical Files and Supply Chain due diligence, helping you reduce administrative costs and streamline workflows.

You’ll also be able to view product and supply chain risk indicators online, record risk mitigation, and receive reports directly to your in-house systems.

Additionally, suppliers from around the world can upload legal and due diligence documents you need, with automatic expiration alerts in place.