What we do

Track Record Global provides our clients with transparent, consistent and verifiable ESG data mapped throughout their supply chains.

We are specialists: we compile the evidence of ESG compliance working with over 40 global businesses and over 4000 suppliers in over 50 countries. Our unique and proven due diligence methodology has been developed over 15 years. Our web-based systems map supply chains and maintain product technical files. Our expert staff can identify the required documentary evidence needed from suppliers to mitigate ESG risk. Working with TRG our clients meet all legal, health and safety responsibilities, and public ESG commitments.

“Over the last 3 years TRG has successfully supported our responsible sourcing programmes in Palm Oil, Cotton and Timber. TRG has identified and helped us mitigate the ESG risks in our supply chains, with greater transparency than ever before. Working in partnership with TRG we know we are delivering on our ESG commitments for our customers and shareholders.” Jeremy Mace, Head of Quality and Sustainability, Dunelm plc

Benefits of working with TRG 

We work with you to provide:

  • A framework for achieving your stated ESG risk management goals based on current and upcoming legal requirements
  • Access to TRG experts in the product-level legal, health and safety requirements and accepted standards
  • A unique and proven supply chain risk due diligence methodology to demonstrate proof of responsible sourcing
  • Use of our TrackVision software
  • All of the administrative legwork required: supplier training, collection of the information and documentary evidence, supply chains mapped and assessed by TRG experts
  • Metrics that identify risk, evidence of mitigation to feed into improvement targets
  • Reporting dashboards and data feeds to integrate into your systems, if required, to your support your ESG and brand strategy

……at competitive rates that are value for money.

Transparency is rising in a manner that will make company boards and investment committees nervous about falling foul of ESG norms in 2021 Financial Times, 5th January 2021

Case Study

If you are resourcing your ESG strategy and legal compliance internally, you could achieve real savings by working with us.

Case Study 1 Here’s what one major retail client achieved cost savings and risk reduction by outsourcing to TRG.

       Reduce Product Compliance Risk

       Reduction in TM/QA Headcount

Case Study 2  A multi-national company believed and claimed its timber was 90% sustainably sourced. Its auditors wanted evidence. TRG’s due diligence methodology demonstrated that less than 70% could be verified as sustainably sourced. An action plan was developed.