Our unique due diligence methodology produces reliable and auditable results.

In an ever-changing regulatory environment, we work with our clients and their suppliers to help them achieve their sustainability goals, meet their customers’ expectations and benefit the environment.

Strategic Sustainability: Mitigating Supply Chain Risks for Long-Term Success

Our team works to identify risks within supply chains to enable your business to reduce its environmental impact and increase efficiency. We offer a comprehensive range of services that helps you identify, assess and manage potential risks in supplier sourcing, product quality, compliance, and environmental sustainability.

Our risk management strategies are informed by regulatory specifications, tailored to your business needs and designed to help you maximise savings and optimise your operations to ensure long-term success.

Frank Miller

Track Record Global history

Unique in the compliance market, Track Record Global (TRG) was established to deliver a technology-enabled due diligence risk assessment service to businesses buying products globally.

The company was founded in 2005 by Frank Miller, Michael Farewell and Bill Miller. They are passionate about the long term sustainable management of the world’s natural resources.

The founders used their professional experience of software development, auditing, and natural resource management to create a sophisticated platform. TRG has steadily grown its reputation for service excellence and efficiency. TRG supports companies to comply with the evolving ESG-linked regulatory framework across Europe.

It started with international timber imports and the legality of supply chains and has now expanded to include ESG requirements for cotton, leather and recycled materials; and the management of all the health and safety certification that demonstrate legal compliance of products.

Meet our people

David Smith image
David Smith
Managing Director
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David, a seasoned global brand builder and retail leader with 30+ years of experience, connects brands with customers worldwide, excelling in sourcing and supply chain management. From London to Belgium, the USA, Japan, and Hong Kong, he’s led in key roles at VF Corporation and Levi Strauss Asia Pacific.

Returning to the UK in 2016, David served as Managing Director – International at Debenhams, then became CEO at Hamleys. He’s made significant contributions in China, India, and the Middle East.

Beyond his career, David is a Main Board Trustee at the RSPCA and Chair of RSPCA Assured. Prioritizing ESG, he leads Track Record Global to offer outsourced technology solutions, providing transparent, consistent, and verifiable data for supply chain risk mitigation.

Based in Hertfordshire with his wife and two sons in university, David, a Leeds United fan, stays connected to his northern roots, enjoying visits to Betty’s tea rooms on Yorkshire trips.

Chris Meadows image
Chris Meadows
Technical Knowledge &
Business Development Manager
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Chris Meadows is an experienced Technical Manager with a wide variety or experience is Product Development, Testing, Standards Development and Sales / Marketing

Chris has helped develop standards in both the UK and overseas and travelled extensively working directly with suppliers and clients to develop the best product possible.

Chris utilises this experience to assist our clients in delivering compliant products through the Trackvision Platform

Chris feels strongly about the environment and contributing to a more sustainable future. Outside of work, Chris loves sports and anything that gets him outside in the fresh air ideally by / in the sea.

Sally Garwell image
Sally Garwell
Commercial Director
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Sally, our dynamic Commercial Director, brings a wealth of retail leadership experience from her roles in Fresh food, Household, and Health and Beauty products. With a background spanning both retail and supplier environments, Sally excels in core trading and strategic positions across multi channels, store formats, and category planning.

Formerly a senior consultant at Bridgethorne, Sally joined TRG in September 2023. Her extensive career includes significant contributions at Asda (Walmart), where she led large trading teams and gained deep insights into the complexities of retail operations, consumer behaviour, and the evolving landscape of ESG initiatives.

Having worked in the own brand supply base before joining Asda, Sally understands manufacturing processes and the challenges suppliers face regarding compliance and changing legislation. This diverse expertise makes her an asset to TRG, where she continues to thrive in the retail space.

Outside of work, Sally is a proud mom to Minnie and Monty, often found cheering them on from the side-lines of netball courts and football pitches. A true northern girl hailing from Burnley, now residing near Ilkley Moor, Sally is an avid supporter of Manchester City. She enjoys unwinding with a cup of Yorkshire Gold Tea while watching a match on TV.

Bianca Gubrial image
Bianca Gubrial
PTF Assessment Team Lead
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Bianca, our devoted Team Leader for Product Technical Files, infuses expertise and creativity into her pivotal role. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in business management and international studies, Bianca has enriched our team for two years, skilfully managing complex product documentation, particularly in the retail sector.

Her collaborative leadership style fosters innovation and a relentless commitment to improvement within her team. As a sustainability professional, Bianca stays ahead of industry dynamics, significantly contributing to her team’s success and influencing our organizational culture.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Bianca’s captivating heritage—half Slovakian and half Egyptian—serves as a vibrant canvas for her personal journey. Her curiosity extends to immersing herself in diverse cultures, enriching her life with a global perspective, and fostering connections that reach beyond geographical boundaries.

Harriet Stokes image
Harriet Stokes
Supply Chain Assessment Team Lead
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Meet Harriet Stokes, our dedicated Team Lead and Supply Chain Assessor at Track Record Global. With nearly three years of experience in timber supply chain assessment, Harriet is a driving force in ensuring our commitment to sustainability.

Armed with a degree in Human and Physical Geography, Harriet seamlessly integrates her academic background into her role, bringing a unique perspective to our team. Her passion for ethical practices and environmental responsibility sets the standard for our supply chain operations.

Beyond her professional dedication, Harriet finds inspiration in walks along the South Downs and exploring new countries, reflecting her commitment to global perspectives. As our Team Lead, Harriet combines her expertise, leadership, and collaborative spirit to navigate the complexities of supply chain assessment.

Connect with Harriet Stokes, leading our Supply Chain Assessment Team, and witness her dedication to sustainability and excellence in action.

Maddie Ross image
Maddie Ross
Account Manager
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Maddie, our experienced team member, blends a decade of environmental non-profit and retail business expertise from her time in Australia.

As a fervent sustainability advocate, Maddie possesses a profound understanding of sustainability’s business dynamics and emphasizes data-driven decision-making in navigating global supply chains. In Sydney, she played a pivotal role in launching the Australian Circular Economy Hub and fostering its mission across government, business, and academia.

With prior experience in a leading retailer’s buying office, Maddie gained insights into value chains, ethical sourcing, and compliance. She has co-founded and directed three community-led non-profits, focusing on behavior change and environmental impact, with a mission to educate and empower individuals and businesses.

Maddie strongly believes in supporting businesses to navigate their environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) responsibilities, envisioning an accelerated transition toward a more stable and restorative economy and planet.

Outside of work, Maddie plans to relocate closer to the countryside, eager to rescue a dog. Her love for travel and nature fuels her excitement to explore more of her home country.

“Our collaboration with Track Record Global has led to extensive knowledge and expertise to make a substantiated risk analysis in an increasingly complex world of supply chains. TRG’s digital platform is a unique environment where employees and suppliers can constantly consult the latest updates. The advancing insights allow us to carry out an appropriate and rapid risk mitigation. We can therefore guarantee our buyers and local authorities that our products meet all legal requirements.”

“Dreams approached Track Record Global to support us on the implementation of a supplier timber supply chain mapping programme to assess the timber harvesting practices of our suppliers and support us with our legal commitments to support global forest governance. From the initial project scoping and successful commencement, Track Record Global have provided us with a professional, client tailored programme supporting us at multiple stages. The expert technical feedback at critical points has helped us navigate the many challenges associated with setup and maintenance of complex timber supply chains.

The dedicated resource allocation for our account benefits both parties allowing us both to develop clear requirements and desired outputs from the programme. The web-based systems and  dashboard are highly intuitive, providing us with real time data which is valuable for decision making allowing us to focus on key areas to target.”

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