Assessment and Mitigation of Supply Chain Risk


TRG are experts in managing the challenges of supply chain due diligence.

✔ Timber (UKTR, EUTR, Lacey Act and ILP)

✔ Metals

✔ Cotton

✔ Leather

Our robust processes and systems can risk assess supply chain for a number of raw materials and finished products, reducing your risk of illegal or non-compliant imports. Wherever risk is identified all avenues of mitigation will be investigated, so that risk free business can proceed.

Outsource the administration of your Supply Chain Risk Assessments to save you time and money. Our services will ensure your processes are transparent, demonstrating you can meet the legal requirements. Your sustainability commitments become clear and auditable, an ever increasing consumer demand.


✔ TrackVision – Risk Management Software

✔ Country Risk Guides

✔ Management Reports

✔ User Training and Support by TRG

✔ Customer Support by TRG

✔ Expert Supply Chain Risk Assessments by TRG

✔ Expert Risk Mitigation by TRG

Supply Chain Risk Assessments

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Risk Management



Product Loading System




Archive of inactive Products / Product Family Groups

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50 *

Client Access Portal

Number of Supplier / Agent Users


500 *

Supplier / Agent Access Portal

Document management and renewal reminder alerts

Data Storage Maintenance

1 Years

10 Years

Custom Company Branding

Supply Chain Product Manager – Risk Rating Suite

API / Data Feed





Country Risk Guides Library






TRG Supplier/Agent Engagement and Training



TRG Supplier/Agent Contact Details Maintenance

TRG Expert Assessment of Supply Chain, Compliance Documents

and Risk Rating of Products



TRG Supplier/Agent Performance Reporting and Analytics




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