Risk Management Software

Benefit your business, colleagues and customers with industry leading, highly secure, customisable risk management software.Enable your compliance team to manage Product Technical Files or Supply Chain due diligence rapidly, effectively, efficiently and transparently.

The software can be integrated into your systems and workflows. It includes compliance document repository with certificate renewal alerts prior to their expiry. Product risk and supplier performance indicators are available at the click of a button, and straightforward reports delivered directly via your systems, to the key decision makers.The software allows you to work with your suppliers around the world, to maintain and keep them up to date, minimising risk. System training and user technical support are provided as part of the package.

Key Features Included
Product Technical File Supply Chain Risk Assessments
Product Loading System

Archive of inactive Products / Product Family Groups

Number Client Users Up to 50 users * Up to 50 users *
Client Access Portal

Number of Supplier / Agent Users 500 * 500 *
Supplier / Agent Access Portal

Document management & renewal reminder alerts

Compliance Requirement Categories   Up to 20 * Up to 20 *
Compliance Library  

Basic *

Basic *

Data Storage Maintenance

10 years

10 years

Custom Company Branding

Product Manager – Risk Reporting Suite Basic * Basic *
API / Data Feed

      * For additional training and assessment support we recommend our PREMIUM services.

Product Technical File

Supply Chain Risk Assessments

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